More than 10,000 systems

Mecgi has worked with the most renowned companies in all sectors, developing more than 10,000 systems worldwide. The company has accepted the most complex challenges, designing and developing centralised grease and oil lubrication systems and automatic greasing systems. Mecgi strong points can be found in its careful design, consolidated and proven expertise, the quality of MECGI assemblies, a continuously active and direct line of contact with clients, the ability to provide answers and tested solutions.

More than 15,000 Items

Fore over twenty years, Mecgi has offered flexible and personalised solutions to protect against waste and risks, looking after the design and installation of centralised grease and oil lubrication systems that work automatically.

30 years of Expertise

For more than twenty years, Mecgi has offered flexible and personalised solutions to prevent waste and protect against risks, looking after the design and installation of centralised grease and oil lubrication systems that work automatically. Mecgi develops and sells products and assemblies for machine lubrication and greasing.

More than 3,000 Clients

Mecgi has supported and continues to support more than 3,000 clients with varying needs, including the revamping of existing lubrication systems, the design of new grease or oil lubrication systems, the timely supply of lubrication components and assemblies for all

  • automotive sectors (construction machinery for movement, cutting, demolition, crushing, agricultural machinery, mixer-wagons, trailers, balers, harvesters, forklifts, container loaders, port cranes, intake towers, ship unloading bridges, etc.)
  • machines for the production of renewable energy
  • machines for the production and processing of food & packaging
  • machines used in the ecological sector to safeguard and protect the environment

Centralised lubrication systems: who we are

Backed by a flexible structure and resources organised into self-sufficient teams able to independently handle all types of scenarios, Mecgi manages all aspects associated with the centralised lubrication of machines and systems for a varied clientele.

“I founded Mecgi in 1987. Since then we have grown and continued to design and install high quality automatic centralised lubrication systems for both grease, oil and air-oil. Our products and services are guided not only by our consolidated experience, but also and above all by the unique and specific needs of our clients, to whom we provide support starting from the very first on-site visit, ensuring we provide a free consultation geared toward presenting the best possible solution for their machines, whether mobile or fixed, bringing with us our valuable expertise in their particular production sector.”

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Profilo LinkedIn di Enrico Dall'Osto

"Our centralised grease and oil lubrication systems constitute the latest frontier in the automation of manual processes for the lubrication of mechanical parts in friction, exposed to wear, breakage and malfunction, which may eventually be the cause of machine downtime."

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Centralised grease and oil lubrication systems: how we are

Wherever there is a mechanical part that needs to be periodically lubricated, the best response is a centralised and automatic lubrication system: it cuts costs and guarantees the extended life of components.


To achieve leadership in the field of lubrication as a partner company, thanks to the ability to identify and develop the best strategical solutions for the client, combining ambitions for innovation with maximum utility.


To believe in the importance of every relationship with a view toward continuously creating successful opportunities for the client, team and suppliers. To create a genuine chain of value able to guarantee maximum benefits for the client. To develop within Mecgi a sense of belonging and shared values, achieving excellence within the market and diffusing well-being.


Participation in challenges to offer unique solutions
Ambition to provide solutions centred around client needs
Knowledge and development of real client objectives
Internal discipline and external flexibility

Three good reasons to choose us

Centralised lubrication systems aren’t all the same. Here are three good reasons to choose ours: our expertise, our partnership with Dropsa and solutions designed and tested since 1987.

We've been around since 1987

We’ve been designing centralised lubrication systems since 1987. We know that every company has its own specific needs, that’s why our automatic lubrication systems are custom designed and developed, taking into account all details, operating contexts, sectors, conditions of use, organisations, company objectives, machine types and skill-levels of maintenance staff. We apply the highest standards in every project, whether large or small, and have a single goal: to guarantee our clients the best possible performance.

With the best

To meet any need, we work with the best component manufacturers in the industry. We provide concrete answers of centralised lubrication systems in paper mills, foundries, port structures, cement plants, purifying plants, food machinery, petrochemical plants, but also in machine tools, earth-moving machinery, engines, chains, bearings and gears, complex systems for marble working and brick making machines, augers and all other applications requiring lubrication.

We have unique assemblies

Our automatic lubrication systems are built using components that satisfy the most demanding technical specifications, guaranteeing long-lasting and efficient lubrication systems and machinery. That’s why since the very beginning, alongside our Dropsa products, we have extended our range of assemblies designed for use in heavy-duty machines and applications that operate under continuous strain, such as earth-moving and agricultural machinery, industrial and construction vehicles.

Another good reason. Save up to 40% on maintenance costs.

A centralised grease, oil or air-oil lubrication system allows savings of up to 40% on maintenance costs, reducing machine downtime and freeing up resources. The amortisation period of each system will vary depending on the project, but is always extremely advantageous.

European Social Fund - Mecgi Project

The company MECGI SRL in Altavilla Vicentina, in collaboration with Hengi Srl as operating partner, has developed the training project “Web Marketing and Strategic Sales for the competitiveness of Mecgi” code 5954/0/1/785/2015. The project was co-funded by the European Social Fund and was selected from the Operational Programme framework co-funded by the European Social Fund and based on assessment criteria approved by the Programme's Supervising Committee. The enrichment of skills in the field of digital marketing, strategic sales and corporate culture must be considered an essential element in any company’s development.

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