Centralised oil lubrication systems

Centralised oil lubrication systems are the best alternative to outdated total loss oiling systems. In these systems, the oil is reused thanks to a recovery and reuse tank.

Circulating oil lubrication

Circulating oil lubrication systems guarantee the continuous exchange of new and filtered oil at controlled temperatures. The self-diagnosis system also allows instantaneous flow rate control.


High quality controller, synonymous with guarantee

The advantages are endless, allowing a substantial increase in the speed of bearings, with a subsequent increase in the machine’s productivity. One of its typical, yet not unique applications is in paper mills, where continuous production must be guaranteed in intense operating conditions.

Particularly important are the types of components used. The choice of Dropsa is synonymous with long-term safety and leading-edge technology. For this reason MECGI relies on reliable controllers that manage up to 64 flowmeters..

The advantages of these modular systems
can be summarized as flow visualization, safe dispensing (even if the satellite stops, the liquid flow is not interrupted), reliable flow rate control; easy flow rate regulation (even in manual types), programmable self-regulation using electronic equipment and dedicated software; simplified maintenance, easy installation and the possibility for stainless steel components.    


Flow and dosage

There are three ways to develop a lubrication system centralised oil:

  • the oil is distributed to the lubrication point through multi-circuit pumps (with gears or hydraulic piston);
  • the lubrication circuit sends the right quantity of oil to the relevant lubrication points thanks to dispensers and flow restrictors, with the help of progressive distributors;
  • a central pump dispenses the necessary amount of oil, which thanks to a system of orifice tubes, dosing valves, throttles and adjustable metering valves (an ecosystem of specifically designed hydraulic resistors), delivers the necessary quantity of oil to where it's needed.

Recirculation and savings

Centralised oil lubrication systems not only cover lubrication needs but also play a number of other important roles in parts of the equipment subject to friction:
  • they regulate the temperature of parts in friction where the lubricating oil is distributed
  • through a constant cleaning operation, they extract micro-particles that may develop in areas subject to friction and wear
  • they prevent problems that may arise due to corrosion phenomena and condensation


Monitoring and control

The ability to monitor and control the delivery and distribution of oil quantities is an additional strong point of centralised oil lubrication systems. The effective volume distributed is controlled both via monitor and visually. Special alarms and alerts are triggered when the oil falls below predefined levels, thus informing of the need for routine maintenance.

  • Monitoring and control of lubrication
    Regulation of minimum levels and alerts to inform that maintenance is required
  • Regulation of temperature and parts in friction
  • Accurate distribution points and optimal dosing
  • Constant cleaning of micro-particles that may develop in areas subject to friction and wear
  • Prevention of corrosion phenomena and condensation

Other Lubrication systems

Grease systems

Centralised grease lubrication systems eliminate the large and costly risk of machine downtime due to mechanical faults caused by poor lubrication. They are perfect for paper mills, rolling mills, cement plants, marble working machinery and more.

Air-Oil Systems

Air-Oil lubrication systems are ideal for bearings that operate at high speed, for machine tool spindles, chains and special applications in the iron and steel sector.