Centralised grease, oil and air-oil lubrication systems

Wherever there is a mechanical part that needs to be periodically lubricated, the best response is a centralised and automatic lubrication system: it cuts costs and guarantees the extended life of components.

Grease Systems

Centralised grease lubrication systems eliminate the large and costly risk of machine downtime due to mechanical faults caused by poor lubrication. They are perfect for paper mills, rolling mills, cement plants, marble working machinery and more.


Oil Systems

Circulating oil lubrication systems guarantee the continuous exchange of new and filtered oil at controlled temperatures. The self-diagnosis system also allows instantaneous flow rate control.


Air-Oil Systems

Air-Oil lubrication systems are ideal for bearings that operate at high speed, for machine tool spindles, chains and special applications in the iron and steel sector.

Three good reasons to choose us

Centralised lubrication systems aren’t all the same. Here are three good reasons to choose ours: our expertise, our partnership with Dropsa and solutions designed and tested since 1987.

We've been around since 1987

We’ve been designing centralised lubrication systems since 1987. We understand that every company has different needs. That’s why our automatic lubrication systems are designed and developed according to client specifications, taking into account every detail, the operating context, specific sector, conditions of use, organisation, company objectives, type of machinery and the skill-level of maintenance staff. We apply the highest standards in every project, whether large or small, and have a single goal: to guarantee our clients the best possible performance.

With the best

To meet any need, we work with the best component manufacturers in the industry. We provide concrete answers of centralised lubrication systems in paper mills, foundries, port structures, cement plants, purifying plants, food machinery, petrochemical plants, but also in machine tools, earth-moving machinery, engines, chains, bearings and gears, complex systems for marble working and brick making machines, augers and all other applications requiring lubrication.

We have unique assemblies

Our automatic lubrication systems are built using components that satisfy the most demanding technical specifications, guaranteeing long-lasting and efficient lubrication systems and machinery. That’s why since the very beginning, we have extended our range of assemblies designed for use in heavy-duty machines and applications that operate under continuous strain, such as earth-moving and agricultural machinery, industrial and construction vehicles.

Another good reason. Save up to 40% on maintenance costs.

A centralised grease, oil or air-oil lubrication system allows savings of up to 40% on maintenance costs, reducing machine downtime and freeing up resources. The amortisation period of each system will vary depending on the project, but is always extremely advantageous.

Centralised lubrication systems can be either grease, oil or air-oil based. There are no limits on either the number of lubrication points or the distances that can be reached. They can be powered by manual pumps, electric pumps, pneumatic or hydraulic controls and their operation can be either manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

They are used in many different fields including paper mills, cement plants, industrial purification plants, chemical industries, marble working facilities and power stations. Wherever there is a mechanical part that needs to be periodically lubricated, there is the possibility to do so using a centralised lubrication system at the right time and in the correct way, optimising lubricant use and guaranteeing the improved life of the element.

Mecgi dosing units and flow switches are predominantly volumetric, thus guaranteeing flow rate control regardless of the temperature or pressure.

Our service begins with a careful analysis of the problem before preparing a technical and commercial proposal, and finally the turnkey development of the system.

Un impianto di lubrificazione centralizzata automatico riduce il rischio di cedimento prematuro dei cuscinetti

impianti di lubrificazione centralizzata riducono il rischio di rottura dei cuscinetti grafico