Air-Oil Systems

Air-oil lubrication systems are perfect for bearings that operate at high speed, such as machine tool spindles, or to lubricate chains and special applications in the iron and steel sector.


The core of the system

Air-Oil lubrication consists in a continuous flow of air that transports oil to the lubrication point, thus cooling and lubricating the system at the same time.
This systems allows control over the quantity of oil required in each single point through a dedicated regulation system.

Several advantages of the Air-Oil system: 

  • Complete integrated monitoring
  • Modular solution
  • Guaranteed operation
  • Integrated or Remote Cycle Control
  • Simple use of Interface
  • Low cost
  • Cooled bearings
  • High speed

Grease systems

Centralised grease lubrication systems eliminate the large and costly risk of machine downtime due to mechanical faults caused by poor lubrication. They are perfect for paper mills, rolling mills, cement plants, marble working machinery and more.

Oil Systems

Circulating oil lubrication systems guarantee the continuous exchange of new and filtered oil at controlled temperatures. The self-diagnosis system also allows instantaneous flow rate control.